Andrew Brockman

Andrew Brockman completed an MSc in Theoretical Systems Biology following from a BSc in Biology, both at Imperial College London. Prior to HPC-LEAP, he worked for a year as a Computational Biologist at VectorBase, where he discovered 135 orthologous cis-regulatory elements of 21 new insect genome assemblies, and maintenaned the VectorBase Population Biology browser. Andrew’s keen interest in learning, sharing and applying knowledge has seen him provide 200+ hours in private tuition, publish in Science, mathematically model a proof-of-concept of his own solution to malaria (, and become a top contributor to a number of science/maths related forums.

Andrew has been selected for the position of ESR 10 with joint degree awarding Institutions The Cyprus Institute (CyI) and the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH). The project entitled "Integration of DNA microarray and next generation sequencing (NGS) gene expression data" is supervised by Prof. George Christophides and Prof. Paolo Carloni.