Salvatore Calì

Salvatore Calì was born in Catania (Italy) on 11 June 1987. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of Catania in July 2011 and his Master’s degree in Theoretical Physics at the University of Pisa in March 2015. His research interests are mainly focused on the study of QCD (Quantum Chromodynamics, the theory of strong interactions) in the non-perturbative regime by means of Monte Carlo lattice simulations. In his Master’s thesis, within the framework of the model of dual superconductor for the QCD confining vacuum, he investigated the chromo-electric flux tube which is produced between a static quark-antiquark pair. Moreover, he studied how the presence of external abelian fields influences the properties of the chromo-electric flux tubes.

Salvatore has been selected for the position of ESR 12 with joint degree awarding Institutions the University of Cyprus (UCY) and the Bergische Universität Wuppertal (BUW). The project entitled "Hadron spectrum and Resonances" is supervised by Prof. Haralambos Panagopoulos and Prof. Francesco Knechtli.