Vanessa Koch

Ms Vanessa Koch was born in 1986 in Bünde, Germany. She completed her Intermediate Diploma in Physics and Mathematics and graduated in Physics from the University of Bielefeld in August 2013. Her Diploma thesis `Dimensionally reduced effective action for finite temperature QCD' was written within the research group of `Elementary particles and quantum fields'.

She began her PhD studies at Trinity College Dublin as part of the research group for Lattice QCD, before transferring to the HPC-LEAP programme.

Vanessa has been selected for the position of ESR 16 with degree awarding institution Bergische Universität Wuppertal (BUW). Her project, entitled `String breaking from Lattice QCD with dynamical fermions', is supervised by Prof. Michael Peardon, TCD, and Prof. Francesco Knechtli, BUW.