Georgios Margazoglou

Georgios was born in Athens in 1992. He has graduated from the Department of Physics at the University of Athens (UoA) and he expertized in particle and computational physics. His diploma thesis, entitled “Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms and applications in the Ising Model”, was supervised by Prof. F. Diakonos (UoA). He is currently working on his master thesis with the Theoretical Physics Group of the University of Rome-Tor Vergata on the topic “correlated magnetic fields in spin models”.

His main research interests include statistical physics, quantum field theory and computational physics.

Georgios Margazoglou has been selected for the position of ESR 8 with joint degree awarding Institutions the Università di Roma “Tor Vergata” (UTOV) and The Cyprus Institute (CyI). The project entitled "Hybrid Monte Carlo (HMC) algorithm for stochastic hydrodynamical systems" is supervised by Prof. Luca Biferale and Prof. Constantia Alexandrou .