HPC-LEAP Kick-off meeting - memories disentangled

Do you believe in non-linear nature of thoughts? If we could quantify thoughts about Cyprus, where should I start with? The first reaction after being selected as a HPC-LEAP fellow was a huge load of dopamine being circulated around my body. Then the thought of Cyprus, brought the levels a bit low, as I have never heard earlier of this island country. But as the days narrowed down I could feel the excitement in me.

And then on 3rd September after a long tiring bureaucratic bottleneck, I managed to ooze out of the beer bottle and fly to Larnaca International Airport, Cyprus. I arrived in the simmering hot summer afternoon, and reached my hotel, the Sky hotel. Imagine sitting in the alley towards to my hotel with a tinge of turkish music and Lebanese cuisine, it was so warm and peaceful.

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The Alley to my Hotel



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Palenstinian Dish


 The next day I went to the Cyprus Institute, here I met my supervisor Dr. Giannis Koutsou and HPC-LEAP Coordinator Dr. Constantia Alexandrou. Since I am a non-European student, I had to complete a lot of bureaucratic formalities in Cyprus as well. I have to acknowledge the help and warmth I received from Miss Song at the institute graduate school office. She helped me to wrap up all the formalities in a jiffy.

Life in Cyprus started as I descended into my life as a graduate student, a computational physics graduate student. The kick-off meeting is like the initial conditions which needed to be set by the experts in the field, then we set forth our journeys along our characteristic curves. I met my second supervisor Dirk Pleiter from Juelich and Wuppertal. We discussed my evolution as an early stage researcher in the HPC-LEAP programme and my future prospects.

On the ultimate day of the meeting, we were taken on a tour of the old city of Nicosia. Cypriot culture dates back to the Byzantine era, the amalgamation of the monuments from Byzantine era and the monuments of the Ottomans are perfect for spending a multicultural evening with friends from different culture.

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Two Italians Simone and Alessandro proudly identifying the plant as basil.


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A unique shop



I met Simone, Aurora and Thomas in Cyprus. They were a fun bunch of Italians. Being the only non Italian speaking guy initially made it difficult to follow up in group conversations, but they soon figured it out and changed their language to include me in it.

Then in the meeting I met the other HPC-LEAP fellows. Each of them had their stories in them deeply embedded.

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The man behind all the show is none other than our own Konstantinos, this guy really knows how to talk!